Volunteers work to improve fishery

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About a dozen volunteers are working at various stations on the dock at the end of Wasi Falls Road on Callander Bay.

A few are collecting eggs and sperm from the walleye floating lazily in large plastic tubs. Some are mixing the eggs and sperm.

One of the volunteers, Gary Preston, has been working on this project for a good three decades. At the other end is Clarke McMillan, an 11-year-old MT Davidson student who started helping out last year.

wasi“My uncle asked if I wanted to come down and see the hatchery,” McMillan says. “This year, he said if I wanted to come down I could go out in the boat and help count the fish.”

On Friday, absent from school, he was helping move the walleye from the plastic bins into a small “cage” hanging off the side of the dock.

“It’s fun,” McMillan says. “I just like to help out. It’s really interesting.”

His uncle, Rob Hyatt, has been working on the project to stock the lake for a number of years. He’s proud of the fact that the restocking project, which introduces about 1.6 million fry and fingerlings into the lake every year, is doing so well, considering it gets no provincial funding.

“We do it all by ourselves,” Hyatt says. “That and donations from some wonderful people.”

By PJ WILSON, The Nugget
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