Boasting a wide variety of fish, Lake Nipissing is the fourth largest of the estimated 250,000 lakes the province of Ontario (great lakes excluded). While vast in size, the lake is also quite shallow with an average depth of four to five meters. Boaters may have to be careful around the many sandbars found along its uneven, irregular shoreline. The lake has a perimeter of approximately 1100 kilometers, with its deepest point reaching 52 meters. The lake is approximately sixty-five kilometers long and about twenty-five kilometers wide.

The lake has many islands scattered throughout its vast expanse. Some islands are home to summer residents, while others are only inhabited by nesting cormorants and other wildlife. By virtue of its size alone, Lake Nipissing is a valuable natural resource; but in addition to this, it is home to over forty species of fish and it is a natural habitat teeming with a variety of birds and small animals.

The people who live along the Nipissing, or have residences on one of the many islands, love it for its natural beauty and the rich bounty to be found in its depths. Within a short distance of the lake are cities, towns, and villages, as this stunning lake is the heart of the tourist industry that feeds the economy of the area. It is, for its elegant beauty and its intrinsic worth as a natural habitat for scores of wildlife, a source of true pride for the people who call it home

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