Looking for a fantastic winter vacation spot? Look no further than Lake Nipissing. Lake Nipissing is a great lake in Ontario where ice fishing is enjoyed by thousands of locals and tourists alike as they come to pick their catch from the lake’s multitude of fish. The lake has an extremely active winter fishery, and is considered to be one of the best ice fishing experiences in Ontario.

Bams Tours 1During the winter, the lake is often mistaken for a small city, as more than 2,000 huts dot its expanse. You’ll find small huts all the way up to bungalows on ice, and many visitors spend their weekends, and sometimes whole weeks out on the ice, catching fish after fish. These huts come complete with stoves, bunks… you’ll find most of the comforts of home!

There are myriad ice hut and bungalow operators in the area, and every one provides great service to ensure a wonderful ice fishing experience from beginning to end. These operators can provide you with everything from fishing licenses to angling equipment and bait. They’ll even take you to the best spots that the lake has to offer.

The lake holds a variety of fish that are active during the ice fishing season including: walleye, perch, pike, and whitefish. Each species has its own characteristics, so be sure to ask the various ice hut operators and experienced locals their tips and tricks. One thing is certain: nothing tastes better on a cold winter day than a hot meal of walleye cradled in a crispy batter.

Take some time this winter to discover the joys that Lake Nipissing can bring. You’ll cherish the experience for years to come. If you’re looking for ice fishing information from one of the numerous outfitters available!